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Title: 大規模災害対応訓練で見えてきた食事班の課題と対策について
Other Titles: Problems and Countermeasures Considered after a Massive Disaster Drill
Authors: 林, 聡志
北浦, 美保
Keywords: 大規模災害
Issue Date: 15-Sep-2019
Publisher: 京都市立病院紀要編集委員会
Citation: 京都市立病院紀要(0286-1356)39巻1号 Page28-31(2019.9)
Abstract: 災害時にはライフラインの停止が調理環境を喪失させ配膳は困難を極める.システムダウンにより食事オーダが停止し,職 員招集の希薄な状況下では誤配膳の発生や配膳遅滞が懸念される.大規模災害対応訓練に合わせて栄養科と委託会社が共同で 訓練を実施し,献立内容や帳票類,備蓄品の保管方法の検証を行い,マニュアルや帳票類,災害時備蓄品を見直した.配膳時 間を検証したところ,1 回400 食以上の配膳に必要な対応人数は12 人以上であることが試算された.また,BCP(事業継続計 画)作成に向けタイムラインの整備を進めた.訓練で課題を抽出し取組につなげたことで手順の精度が向上し可視化が進んだ. 災害時には指揮命令系統や連絡網の確立,備蓄食の整備,配膳手順の可視化が求められる.引き続き,定期的な職員研修につ なげていきたい.
During a massive disaster, the lifeline may be completely destroyed which would make it difficult to serve the patient’s meals. It could become impossible to order food due to system failure and meals may not be served properly or the service may be delayed due to shortage of staff. Along with the massive disaster drill, Department of Nutrition conducted a drill in cooperation with the subcontractor, and inspected the menu, the book of accounts and stock storage. Then, we reconsidered the manual, the book of accounts and the supplies that should be kept in stock to prepare for a disaster. The number of persons required to serve more than 400 meals at a time was estimated to be more than 12 persons. The time line for preparing the business continuity plan (BCP) was also arranged. After the disaster drill, we extracted the problems and considered the solutions. As a result, we improved the time line for serving the meals. In the case of disaster, the command order system and communication system must be established, the food stock pile should be in order, and the meal serving process should be clear to the staff. Periodic staff training will be continued.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/11665/1701
ISSN: 0286-1356
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